Cost of School Supplies

According to the National Retail Federation, the average family in the country spends around 670 dollars for just one student.  That includes everything from pencils to clothes.  Some parents feel that this cost is too high.

Amarillo Resident Anna Stroinski says "We spend, gosh it's an awful amount, because you have backpacks, you have lunch boxes, you have your pencils and your notebooks which are actually the cheaper ends."

April McDaniel of Canyon Independent School District says their aim is not to make parents spend a whole lot of money on school supplies.

McDaniel says "We try to keep elementary levels below 35 dollars and intermediate and junior high below 55 dollars.

While many of the school supplies are used in classes, some parents feel that not all of the supplies are necessary to buy.

Stroinski says "I always wonder how much if they actually do use because I think in his grade they require a hundred pencils or something like that and I'm going 'Do we really go through that many pencils or are they pooling all of it to make sure that everyone else their share and fair amount because there might be some kids that don't bring anything."

Some local churches help out families who can't afford all of the supplies by donating items.  Hillside Christian Church is partnering with local schools to provide backpacks and other school supplies for underprivileged children.

Communications Director of Hillside Christian Church Judy Stallwitz says "It's really a joy for our church to join in and provide as much as we can."

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