Cookie Monster Visits BSA Hospital

AMARILLO -- From Sesame Street to BSA Hospital!

The Cookie Monster along with some of his friends paid a visit to local sick kids.

Kids who were part of the Children's Miracle Network were given cookies along with hugs and smiles!

The Cookie Monster's visit today was part of a national scavenger hunt called: The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the world has ever seen or "Gish-whes"

Cookie Monster and Chelsea Williams say, "It was fantastic, the kids were great they were really excited, a lot of cookies are being eaten right now. We liike to give our time and energy to charity and this is just a good way to promote different things around the nation and around the world."

"GISH-whes" teams from across the country are asked to do random acts Which just so happened to include bringing tastey treates and smiles to amarillo, today.

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