Consumer News 5/19/17

Dog Park Injuries

Nationwide recently sorted through its database of more than 600,000 insured pets to determine the most common dog park-related medical conditions in 2016.

The most common medical claims were for sprains or soft tissue injuries - which affected more than 24,000 nationwide-insured dogs last year.

Second on the list was lacerations or bite wounds followed by kennel cough or upper respiratory infection.

The most expensive injury was found to be hypothermia and heat stroke brought on by hot weather, averaging at $704 a claim.

McDonald's Phases Out Artificial Flavors in Vanilla Ice Cream

McDonald's quietly phased out artificial flavors from its vanilla ice cream last fall.

The company says its ice cream is used in more than 60 percent of its dessert items and was already free of artificial colors and preservatives before it made any changes.

The full roll out of the new ice cream to more than 14,000 US locations is said to be "nearly completed."

Blanche, In the Kitchen, With a High-Heeled Slipper

A new edition of the board game "Clue" is coming and it's "The Golden Girls."

Usaopoly has re-envisioned the murder-mystery classic board game to feature Blanche, Dorothy,Rose and Sophia and their shared Miami home along with metal tokens that include a can of hairspray, a folded robe, a purse, a tube of lipstick, a chair and a high-heeled slipper.

According to the USAopoly website, the "crime" in question is "who ate the last piece of cheesecake."

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