Congressman Thornberry: Not going to give president Money to do what he wants

- AMARILLO -- President Obama spent a second day in Texas Thursday but, still has no plans to visit the border.

    The president is asking governor Rick Perry to pressure republicans in congress to approve nearly $4 billion in emergency funding to address the crisis, but house republicans are hesitant.

    Panhandle congressman Mac Thornberry says they're not going to just give the president a blank check.

    House republicans are concerned about how the money will be spent.

    When the president met with governor Perry Wednesday, he said he didn't have any philosophical objections to the governor's request for additional aid at the border.

    Perry wants more national guard troops, drone surveillance and a modified "catch and release" policy.

    Much of this is in the senate immigration bill passed last year.  But, has yet to come up for a vote in the house.

    Congressman Thornberry explains why.  "The senate immigration bill basically makes a pathway for all these people who come here illegally to become citizens.  And i don't think the house is ever going to go down that road.   But, i've always believed that you've got to take immigration reform piece by piece."

         Thornberry says the first piece should be securing the border.

        President Obama says passage of the senate's immigration bill would address that issue and others we're now seeing at the border.

    Fingers are pointing from both sides of the aisle on this crisis.

    Republicans blame president Obama's 2012 executive order deferring deportation for some undocumented immigrant children who have been here at least seven years.

    Democrats say the 2008 trafficking victims protection act signed by president Bush limits quick deportation of immigrant children from countries other than Mexico and Canada.

    52,000 unaccompanied, undocumented child immigrants have flooded the southwest border since October.

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