Concealed Handgun License Requirements Change

- Concealed handgun licenses will soon be easier to get in Texas.

"Some of the changes are really, really good and I think they're fine. Some of them, I've got some questions about," Charlissa Stokes, Co-Owner of Panhandle Gunslingers said.

The Texas legislature voted to reduce the number of hours required to get a CHL from 10-15 to just four to six.

And, you no longer have to head back to class in order to renew your license, it can be done online.

Stokes says, she has some concerns.

"There's an awful lot of material to cover in six hours instead of ten now," Stokes said, "And the not having to do a renewal, I have a problem, I hope people will practice enough with their guns to be proficient with it if they don't have to renew it."

But for people like Randall Oakley, who's seeking to get a CHL for the first time, the changes are welcome news.

"It's a lot more convenient. I mean, you don't have to sit for fifteen hours, you just have to do six, so it's a little bit more convenioent," Oakley said. 

According to Stokes, the changes are a work in progress. Officials said the state website should be updated by labor day, but her customers have encountered problems with renewals.

As for instructors at Panhandle Gunslingers, they're re-working the classes to make sure students learn all they need to get a license.

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