Clovis Municipal Airport Grounded

- CLOVIS -- The future of the Clovis Municipal Airport is up in the air. The city's only airliner, 'Great Lakes Airlines' left town earlier this month leaving residents without a way to fly.

This comes after the Federal Aviation Administration's new rule that requires passenger service pilots to have 1,500 hours of flight experience. Clovis Municipal Airport Director, Gene Bieker tells us Great Lakes departure has put his and other airlines in a tough spot.

"That's 1,500 hours they require, and they can't find the pilots," said Bieker. "If you look up Great Lakes, what's happening is they're pulling out of 11 or 12 communities right now."

According to Bieker, Great Lakes has lost 3/4ths of their pilots over the last year.

As for the airport's next airliner, at this point it's a bidding war, as interested airlines send their bids into the Department of Transportation.

Bieker tells us so far there have been two bids sent to the DOT. All bids will be discussed by the Clovis Municipal Airport next Tuesday.

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