Closed Waiting List for Government Assistant Living

You can no longer sign up for HUD Housing in Amarillo. 

This comes after the waiting list stretched more than 3,000 people.

There are a little more than 3,300 applications on the current waiting list.

The average wait time is about 3 1/2 to 4 years before people can receive government assisted housing.

City officials tell us the reason they are closing the waiting list, and the reason the lengthy list exists in the first place, is because of money.

James Allen from the city's Community Development Department tells us they are only funded one year at a time through authorization by congress, and it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to provide government assisted housing.

But Allen assures us this move will only be temporary.

Administrator for the City's Community Development Department James Allen says, "as we utilize current resources, and as we weed that number down, we will be able to reopen it.  So this is not a permanent thing, we are just trying to be more efficient with federal dollars and be able to help our clients a little bit more."

He says affordable housing and housing issues should be a community concern.

He believes non-profits, private sectors and everyone who can needs to come together to help.
Just because the list is temporarily closed, the city's Community Development Department says they aim to continue to provide as much assistance as possible by referring those in need to other resources, with an end goal of eliminating a list this long in the future.

For further questions, other resources, and where you can go for help call the United Way help line at 211 or contact the City's Community Development Department at 378-3000

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