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Canyon Independent School District is offering a newer way for parents to register for This is the second year that the school district has used this method.

Coordinator of District Communications April McDaniel says "They would go to the campus and stand in a long line and wait to fill out all the forms and then leave. And now we have where the initial information is actually online."

Parents and students will still have to go to the school campuses on August 6th and 7th to confirm their registration and any documents such as a proof of residency and shot records. McDaniel says the online registration is more convenient for parents trying to register their child.

"It's where they can do it at home. They can do it in the evening when they get home and they can fill out their information, save it -- they don't have to submit it at that point -- and then come back to it later. And then they can submit it once they've got all the information complete," McDaniel says.

Teacher's Aid MaryJane Cantu says "I don't have to wait in a line for hours, it's usually hours long. So this is much easier and I like it."

Not only does the online registration help out the parents, but it's more efficient for the staff as well.

McDaniel says "Instead of shuffling paper documents, it's all online and we're able to submit the different documents to the different departments."

Families that don't have internet access at home are able to go to their school's campus or the District Support Center and use one of the computers there. The school district also has what they call a snap code. The code is used at the beginning of the registration for parents that registered their child online last year. Once they enter the snap code, all of the information from last year will be displayed.

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