CISD Buys Kimbrough Memorial Stadium

CANYON - In a unanimous vote, the Canyon Independent School District buys Kimbrough Memorial Stadium from West Texas A&M University for a half-a-million-dollars.

It was all smiles for both Darryl Flusche, the CISD Superintendent and Dr. Walter Wendler, WT's President, during tonight's board meeting.

This now means CISD not only has ownership of Kimbrough Stadium but also the surrounding property.
To put the figure into perspective, we are told that is 52 acres of land and improvements at Buffalo Stadium Road and Highway 87.
Flusche said this decision now sets them in place with a venue for athletic events and other opportunities for years to come.

"You know for improvements of the stadium, what we're looking at is, we're pulling together a long range planning committee of citizens and from that committee, we'll be addressing growth and maybe they will choose to look at options for Kimbrough Stadium," said Flusche. "It will be up to the citizens and their voice coming together to see what we do as we move forward."

Flusche also said Canyon ISD and WT will play in the stadium this year and the next.

Now when it comes to WT's new stadium, Dr. Wendler said the architects are in the design phase right now.

We are told the construction project is expected to go before the Texas A&M University board of regents next month.

Kimbrough Stadium was built in 1959 and has a long standing history and tradition in the Texas Panhandle.
Officials said the transfer of ownership between CISD and WT demonstrates a commitment to continuing the stadium's legacy. 

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