Christmas in July

The temperatures were pushing 100, but it felt like winter in fritch, as many came together to celebrate Christmas in July.

Volunteer Genie Barcroft says, "Merry Christmas in July."

It been a couple of months since flames destroy parts of Hutchinson county.. leaving several residents with nothing.

We may be 5 months shy of Christmas, but the Salvation Army and several others were in the giving spirit.

Major Harvey Johnson says, "most of the families whose homes were burned up lost everything.  We thought a holiday experience would be a break from everything."

Barcroft says, "i'm just doing it for fun and I have free time so why not just help out."

Jason's Deli and many other Amarillo vendors helped provide food and other door prizes for all of the families.

Major Johnson tells us they were also taking family portraits for Christmas and kids were decorating ornaments.

The Salvation Army also provided presents to put underneath the tree.

Major Johnson says, "we have brand new toys and brand new bicycles that we had in our warehouse left from Christmas that we had to use for this christmas so we shared those."

Barcroft says, "it's important to not forget about them because what if this was happening to you?  Wouldn't you want people to be here for you?"

Major Johnson and volunteers we spoke with say the presents, snacks and Christmas carols of course won't take back what has happened to many of their homes, but seeing their community comes together reminds them, they're not alone.

He says, "people in the panhandle have been supportive financially so we want to say thank you to all of those good neighbors."

"In the name of our savior, Amen.  Amen"

Major Johnson says all of the families who came to celebration church for Christmas in July also received a $50 gift card to Walmart.

The Celebration Church, as well as many other churches in our area have shown support for all of the fire victims.
Major Johnson says the Salvation Army is glad to be a part of the community support.

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