Childress ISD Campuses Take Part in DPS Shooter Training

- AMARILLO --  During the next four days, local, county and state law officers will be on Childress ISD campuses holding an "active shooter drill."
    It's where groups get together to prepare for a mass shooting like the one that happened in Newtown, CT back in December.
    But officials say they're not just preparing for man-made threats they're thinking about mother nature as well.
Trooper Daniel Hawthorne told us, "We are talking any type of situation: Tornado, hurricane down on the coast. It could be a HAZMAT spill. It could be any type of situation you are going to have massive evacuations with lots of agencies involved."
    Law enforcement officers won't be the only ones in on the training.
    Some school officials will be on hand to see how they can work along side officers in the event of an emergency.

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