Children's Miracle Network Saves Lives

- AMARILLO -- At just 8-months old, Lincoln Cash Mathews has already spent at least a third of his life in the hospital and still undergoes daily treatments just to survive.

    Lincoln is like any other 8-month old, he just needs a little more help learning the things other children his age learn naturally.

    "We have to teach him how to swallow.  Move his mouth.  That's what the feeding specialist and speech therapist do.  They work with his mouth.  They give him stuff to taste."  Lincoln's mother, Jennifer Mathews, said.

    Lincoln has a rare condition in which he was born with his esophagus detached from his stomach.

    Jennifer Mathews says "it was extremely scary."  Her husband, Skyler added, "just because we didn't know anything about it.  They tell you but you don't really know what that means or what they're going to do."

    Up until January, Lincoln had spent half of his life in the hospital.  He spends more time at home these days.  But, he still has to go through daily therapy just to survive, including having his daily meals administered through a tube in his chest.

    "It's how he gets his medicine, food, anything we have to give him by mouth."  Skyler Mathews said.

    Lincoln is also partially deaf in his right ear and has only one kidney.  But, he has plenty of love.

    With a house full of sisters, he's not lacking in attention.  And, he's definitely going to have nice hair.

    One of Lincoln's sisters, Trinity Case, says, "we weren't prepared for all the problems he was going to have, but it's fun having a baby brother because we get to fix his hair and stuff." 

    Mckayley case also likes the hair:  "I like to brush out his hair when he takes a bath."

    The oldest sibling in the house, Traylee Case, is just happy to finally have a brother.  "It's really fun, because he's really adorable and it's a new experience because I've just been with girls and we finally get to have a baby brother.  We've always wanted a baby brother."  she said.

    With all of Lincoln's problems, the therapy and treatments are not cheap.  That's where the Children's Miracle Network comes in.  They helped pay for several much needed items, including travel to Cook's Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth.

    Lincoln and his family just got some good news.  He passed his swallow study and can now start eating and drinking by mouth.

    The family is much more excited about what's coming out of his mouth these days.  He recently began saying momma.

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