Children's Miracle Network: Graham Dempsey

- AMARILLO -- Six year old Graham Dempsey is like any other boy his age.  He's active. He loves to play and sometimes can find some trouble.

        Last September he found trouble in his parents workout room when he got ahold of one of their resistence bands.

        "I said mommy come watch me.  She said in a minute and i went back out there and i pulled on the rubber band and it slapped me in the eye."  Graham said."

        Graham's mother Teri Dempsey says, "it actually hit him in the eye and caused him serious eye trauma.    We had to take him to the emergency room for stitches and found out later it was a lot worse than we thought.  He actually formed cataracts on his lens and the lens was actually in there crooked."

        The lens of his left eye had to be removed, leaving him with 100/20 vision.

        "It was like anyone who has cataracts.  You couldn't tell, he was a trooper , but he didn't have good vision at all."  Teri Dempsey said.

        Teri and her husband Daniel are self-employed so any medical expenses would have to come out of their own pockets and its not cheap.

        Teri had been asking for prayers for Graham over facebook and that's when the miracle happened.

        "A friend of hers had facebooked her back saying CMN helped with my little girl and suggested we contact CMN."  Daniel Dempsey said.

        When they did, they saw just how fast the miracles happen.  They contacted Children's Miracle Network two days before Graham was scheduled to have eye surgery.

        "I gave the information to Daniel that afternoon.  She said they meet once a month and Thursday, which was the next day when they were going to meet, so it just fell into place how we got our paperwork in and they were able to grant us help, right when we needed it, just before his surgery that Friday." said Teri Dempsey.

teri dempsey:  5148 they helped us with everything.  (bump)  5213 they basically gave us an amount and told us that would cover everything.... when we found out there would be a second surgery..... they said they would cover that too.   we were just blown away by how much they were going to help us.

        Daniel Dempsey added, "we're extremely thankful to Children's Miracle Network for stepping in and doing all they've done.  It's just been a fantastic blessing."

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