Changes Made at Amarillo Animal Control

- AMARILLO -- The Amarillo city council gets an update on the Animal Control department.

        The update comes after last month's revelation that police were investigating Animal Control over improper and possibly illegal euthanasia practices.

        City Manager Jarrett Atkinson says improvements have been made to both the facility's physical appearance and the general operations.

        The city had halted euthanization of animals for a short time but, that moratorium is over.

        Among the improvements made to general operations is the use of a licensed veterinarian who is on site to supervise all euthanasia procedures.  They also provide additional training to Animal Control personnel.

        Animal Control has also added a walk-on scale to weigh the animals.  That was installed last week.
        The Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society had threatened to sue the city over those scales.

        The Humane Society's acting president says Animal Control was breaking the law by not having scales on site which are mandated by state law.
        Meanwhile, police wrapped-up their investigation last week.  The Randall county District Attorney plans to present the case to a grand jury next week.

        Both the director and assistant director of Animal Control have been on administrative leave since the investigation began.

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