Changes Could Be in the Works for North Amarillo Students

AMARILLO - Students in North Amarillo could have more options for schools.

But before that can happen the only school in that area would have to potentially expand.

It was discussed and decided at tonight's A.I.S.D Board meeting.

The board unanimously voted to create engagement with the North Heights community regarding a neighborhood school concept.

They also agreed to the possible creation of a board committee.

And a board member is spearheading the plan because it hits close to home.

It was packed house overflowing with passionate people.

They all came to express the necessity of a neighborhood school in North Amarillo.

Although there's a school in the area, it's the only one. 

And the enrollment is exclusive.

According to the office of the Civil Rights Desegregation Plan, Carver can't have more than 50% of the population come from the neighborhood. 

And the students enrolled are there because of a lottery. 

"My 5th-grade year my whole life changed. My parents told me Hilltop is going to close and they were going to work at different schools and I would go to Avondale. I wouldn't have the opportunity to be taught by my parent," said James Allen, AISD Board Member. 

That's why AISD Board Member, James Allen pushed for the issue to be addressed. And for him and many in attendance, it's been a long time coming.

"To take the stain of segregation off, they used integration to do it. And when they did it, it killed the community by closing all the schools in our community. We suffered," said Morris Mitchell, Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church Pastor. 

Now that the agenda item passed, Allen says his mission doesn't just end at the meeting.

He tells us community involvement and draft plans will also be necessary moving forward.

Allen tells us a school for Middle and High School students in North Amarillo is the second part of the plan. 

But there's no telling when that could happen. 

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