Ceta Canyon Open House

It's one of the best kept secrets in our area and May 4, their doors were wide open.

It's a big piece of land, with a lot to offer, from summer camps, to wedding retreats and everything in between.

"I think what's fun  to watch is when people come down here, their eyes are big."

Ceta Canyon has been catching peoples attention for nearly a century.

Executive Director Mike Wentz tells us in 1918 less than 30 people came to the site to camp and eat under the stars.

A lot has changed since then.

Wentz says, "now we serve about 10,000 people per year and we have 600 beds and we are open year round"

Ceta Canyon hosted an open house to share the oasis with the public.
Wentz tells us, "today we're running a climbing wall that's 37 feet high with about a 300 feet zip line.  We have a new activity area we opened a couple years ago.  It's called jumping pillow.  It's about 38 ft wide and 68 ft long.  You can put about 50 kids on their at one time and ti's a blast.  There's also a new archery area that opened up today for people to check out."

He says there is also a bike ride to a 40 feet waterfall, fishing, a basketball and volleyball court and a pool.

We caught up someone on the tour who zip lined for the first time today.

Abby says, "it's hard to climb up, and when you get to the top it starts shaking a lot so it gets kind of scary and then when you sit down it's really tense.  And then when you let go it feels like you're falling and t hen you just catch on and go."

There are camps and activities for all ages, including one for kids with special needs.

Wentz tells us with all Ceta Canyon has to offer, he's hoping the secret will soon be out.

Ceta Canyon isn't just for camping.

People head out there for family reunions, meetings and even marriage retreats.

Wentz also says more than 17 Amarillo schools come out each year for outdoor education programs.

There are still a lot of openings for campers ranging from second grade to high school.

For more information and even to print off some camp registration forms, head over to cetacanyon.Org or call 488-2268

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