Celebrating with the Giant Cross

Hundreds of families flocked to Groom to ring in Easter in the shadow of a Texas icon.

"It's just so special.  It's just the peace that you feel, if you belong to him." 

To celebrate Easter Sunday, many people from all over the Texas Panhandle headed to Groom to spend time with family, friends, and a nearly 200 foot tall cross.

Each person had their own reason for making the trip.

"To remember the date of what the greatest person in history, which is Jesus, him dying on the cross for us and just celebrating what he did."

"My grandmother told me about this place before she died.  She told me about it just crying like her heart was broken."

"This is my opportunity to come out and see it.  It's just ya know, Easter is the day of the lord."

"On Friday Jesus died and on Sunday he rose back up"

This 190 foot tall free standing cross can be seen from twenty miles away.

"It's lovely.  It's beautiful, and to those that are saved, it means everything in the world."

The cross near Groom is thought to be the biggest in the nation by some, but in fact it's not.

A cross was built in Effingham, Illinois that is roughly eight feet taller.

And the Mission Nomber De Dios in St. Augustine, Florida houses a cross that's more than 30 feet tall.

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