Cecilia Abbott Stops in Amarillo to Thank First Responders

AMARILLO - The First Lady of Texas made a stop in Amarillo to show her appreciation to our firefighters.

Cecilia Abbott, the First Lady of Texas made a stop at the Amarillo Fire Department to thank firefighters for all that they have done in the last few weeks.

Captain Larry Davis says it is an honor to have the governor of Texas' wife visiting.

"It's a big deal we are all excited about it. It is a very special event for us," added Davis.

Davis says they are thankful for all of the support first responders have gotten over the last couple of weeks.

It is especially nice to receive recognition from a state official.

"It is very humbling for us. We sign on to this job. This is what we do and sometimes, some years are worst than others so when the community shows appreciation, or in this case, the state shows appreciation, it is very humbling," said Davis.

Abbott gave first responders a certificate and a Texas flag to show her and Greg Abbott's appreciation.

Something, the Amarillo Fire Department says they will have on display.

"It is very special to us. They brought us a certificate and a flag and those will definitely be going in frames and up in our offices. It is very, very special to us," said Davis.

Officials from Amarillo, Potter County, Randall County, DPS, and the Texas Forest Service were there to be recognized.

Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott released the following statement on her visit:

“Greg and I want to thank the first responders who worked tirelessly on the front lines of the dangerous Panhandle wildfires over the last few weeks,” the First Lady said. “While today’s lunch is a way for me to show support and gratitude for these first responders and the courage and heroism they have demonstrated, every single day of the year I give thanks for all Texas first responders and law enforcement and the work they do to keep Texans safe. As the Panhandle continues to recover from the devastating impact of the wildfires, Greg and I ask that all Texans continue to keep the Panhandle community in their thoughts and prayers.”

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