Cassidy Cross: Two-Time Cancer Survivor

- AMARILLO --  Eighteen year-old Cassidy Cross gave an honest answer when asked about her diagnosis of recurring osteosarcoma.

It was scary.

"It's a lot more serious this time," she said, "I mean, just the tumor coming back at all. It goes from being osteosarcoma, to recurring osteosarcoma so it's a lot more serious, so that was really hard for my family and friends."

And especially her mom.
Denise Cross, Cassidy's mom said, "There's not a whole lot of worse things I've ever heard in my life. But, she's tough..and she's going to make it through."

Cassidy knew it was more serious, because this is a battle she has fought before.

She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her right leg back in 2009, then chemo, and four years being cancer free later, and a routine scan showed tumors in her lungs, trachea, and adrenal glands.

"When she was first re-diagnosed I kind of panicked," Denise said, "And to add travel expenses on to that, I wasn't sure how we were going to manage."

The Children's Miracle Network paid for the more than five times the family had to go to Houston, to get specialized treatment from MD Anderson.

But the Children's Miracle Network, has been able to do much more than that.
It gave the family financial peace of mind..

"We still had an outstanding bill from a surgery she had to have which was at a hospital that was out of network. And it was in collections, we were just making small payments on it every month, and then Jodi said 'Oh, we can take care of that too.' She sent us a grant application, and we filled it out and she called me at work and said, 'Oh yes, well that's been taken care of. And they had paid over $12,000 of that bill and had settled it in collections, and it was such a relief. I knew it  would always be there and we would take care of it eventually, but it was a real load off of my shoulders. To have that taken care of."

Cassidy's parents are grateful, as Denise said "I don't know how we would have managed it without the help of the Children's Miracle Network. "

And, is Cassidy.

"Here I am," Cassidy said, "having survived cancer twice, i mean, I'm very fortunate."

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