Canyon Texting Ban: One Year Later

- CANYON -- One of the first cities in our area to enact no texting while driving laws is seeing fewer traffic collisions.

        The city of Canyon in 2013 last year recorded it's lowest number of accidents in a decade.

        That's the first full year in which Canyon's texting while driving ban was in full effect.  But, police and residents aren't sure the new law is part of the equation.

        The number of collisions has dropped by more than 16% compared to two years ago.  That's when Canyon passed its texting ban.

        But, the numbers are still on par with Canyon's average.   

        Canyon police worked only 184 collisions last year.  Nearly 40 less than 2012.  But, it's only two less than 2010 when no texting ban was in place.

        Police chief Dale Davis says the city's ban may be having an impact on the number of collisions but, he says the statewide ban on cell phone use in school zones may be a bigger influence.

        "What we do, we've aggressively gone out there and enforced that.  There's a lot of drivers who are in fact using their cell phones in those school zones."  Davis said.

        Of all the collisions in Canyon last year, only one  was fatal.  That was ruled a suicide.

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