Canyon Teacher Seeks Votes for Grant

"We don't all learn the same way and there's some kids that are fantastic de-coders and readers and will still benefit from accessing the text in a different manner," says Mrs. Green, third grade teacher at Reeves-Hinger Elementary School.

"I'm asking for audio books and devices that we can play those books on, as well as the hard copy of the audio book so that students can follow along."

Farmer's Insurance has launched it's own education foundation. It's mission is to "Thank a Million Teachers" by giving back to teachers that gave to their students.

"It's neat the way things are changing in the school system because it's really moving to the teacher really isn't the teacher. It's more of a learning environment where we all learn together and I facilitate a lot of the questions," explains Mrs. Green.  

Samantha Berry, a third grade student at Reeves-Hinger Elementary School says, "She helps us read and she helps us learn how to chunk words and understand the book."

"They're like my learning mates, not my students. I love seeing them expand and challenge themselves and challenge each other," states Mrs. Green. 

"It takes you on a journey and you get to learn new stuff about different places," says third grade student at Reeves-Hinger Elementary School, Brett Rose.

"They want to read and interact with the books that are on their thinking level and so these audio books will give them the opportunity to be challenged in their thinking and infer and draw conclusions," Mrs. Green states. 

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