Canyon Still Eyeing Historic Courthouse

- CANYON -- The historic Randall county courthouse could have a new tenant in the near future.

        The city of Canyon is still thinking of moving some of their offices into the vacant building.

        Canyon is in dire need of more space.

        They've entered the second phase of their moving plan which consists of studying the city's various options.

        Architects for the city spent the morning going through the historic courthouse trying to determine the cost and feasibility of renovating the inside of the building.

        The outside was restored a few years ago and now it's conisdered a rediscovered gem for the downtown square.

        The biggest problem is the expense of restoring the inside.

        Because so much Texas Historical Commission money has already been invested in it, they would have a say on what renovations the city can and cannot do and some they absolutely must do.

        There are some things the Historical Commission won't budge on and those are things we can live with.  For instance, the third floor courtroom would have to be restored to it's historical accuracy. "  said Randy Criswell, Canyon city manager.

        Criswell says the final cost absolutely will come into the final decision.  But, he's in favor of the move.  He says even if it costs a little more than building a new facility, it would benefit the city and the surrounding businesses on the square.

        Criswell says they're going to have to expand city offices whether they move into the courthouse or not.

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