Canyon Closer to Getting a Farmers Market

Canyon is one step closer to getting its own Farmers Market. Getting it organized for Canyon required the formation of an executive board, but plenty of residents and producers gave their support, and now the city is only a few months away from it happening.

Previous attempts at Canyon Markets were problematic, with inconsistent hours, and leadership troubles.

Starting up means waiting on the weather and the last freeze.

The Square will be the site for the new Farmers Market and they are looking at holding it on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until everything's sold out.

If there is plenty of produce available, they may add Wednesdays in the future.

The City of Canyon is behind this all the way, and have been helpful in organizing the effort, providing infrastructure needed.

Monday's meeting covered rules governing the membership in the market, along with what can and can't be sold, water availability, documentation of items, and health guidelines.

Exceptions to the rules were also brought up, including mandatory days to be present, and other goods that farmers wish to sell outside of the market.

There will be an Texas AgriLife Extension representative who will hold food-handling classes to aid the participating farmers.
Membership in the farmers market is open to farmers and home gardeners.

The next meeting is April 28th, while the start date is expected to be June 1st, barring any problems beforehand. 

You can contact the Canyon Farmers Market here.

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