Canyon Author Publishes New Novel

CANYON -- “Rust Bucket,” a new book by Rosey Sommerfield, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.
Rosey is a a retired elementary school teacher. She spent all of her twenty-nine years in education in Canyon, Texas.

ABOUT THE BOOK: After his dad died, John David—J.D.—took to the old pick up, Rust Bucket, as lovingly as he could, as the one object that his fondest memories of his father would remain forever.
Apart from Rust Bucket, though, the young J.D. passed through life with mixed feelings about his mom, his stepfather, Danny, and his other relatives. The Jefferies, on the other hand, are a constant inspiration to him, as well as his best friend, Rocky. A poignant story about growing up, “Rust Bucket” by Rosey Sommerfeld weaves a touching story of a child’s rite of passage to the momentous realizations of his life, of moving on after the death of a loved one.

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