Canyon Aquatic Park Opening Delayed

CANYON - The Canyon Aquatic Park is still closed to the public.

Initially, officials thoughts were that the park would open June 1 and be able to have a full summer of business, but more than a month later the gates remain shut.

So far the park has been rescheduled to be open twice.
As we said, the original date to open was June 1, then it was June 15, then it was July 1, but still, the park is closed.

Now, officials say they aren't announcing another opening date and are asking people to check the park's Facebook page for updates.

Canyon's Assistant City Manager Jon Behrens tells us that the contractor has not been able to meet the deadlines that the city has set.

The park's restrooms, the admissions building, the concession stand are all areas that they still need to get ready for customers.

When it finally is open, the park will hold about 650 customers, but for the first few days they won't be allowing that many people in.

"When we open up we will probably hold the capacity at about 600 people, and see what that feels like and see how that feels with people in the water and people on the ground," said Behrens. "If we feel comfortable with that 600 and we feel like we can go another 50, we'll do that. Otherwise, we'll stay at 600, but on a daily basis we anticipate anywhere between 800 and 850 passing through."

Just because the park isn't open doesn't mean it is keeping some from doing their jobs.

Behrens adds any of the lifeguards that wanted to work still can. Right now they are training but they have also been doing some manual labor, like planting flowers around the park.

Canyon voters originally passed the $6 million bond agreement for the water park in November of 2015.

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