Cannon AFB Airman in Lubbock Hospital Following Off-Base Shooting

- CANNON AIR FORCE BASE, NM --  The Airman who was accidentially shot yesterday, is now in stable condition.
        That shooting did cause an alarm at Cannon Air Force Base, yesterday afternoon.
        Three off-duty Airmen were shooting in a field off base.
        According to officials, a gun accidentally went off, and an Airman was shot in the hand and chest.
CANNON AIR FORCE BASE, NM -- An Airman assigned to Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico was a gunshot victim at an off-base location August 13, at approximately 4:30 p.m.

The Airman is in stable condition and was medically evacuated to University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas. No further information can be released on the details on the Airman's medical condition or identity at this time.

The incident is currently under investigation by civilian and military authorities. Additional details will be released as they are received.

After clarification that the incident occurred at an off-base location, Active Shooter procedures were terminated within 20 minutes of the initiation. 

(Information provided by Cannon Air Force Bace via Facebook)

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