Camp Kiwanis to Stay Open for Resident Camp

- AMARILLO - Our local Girl Scouts' Camp, Camp Kiwanis, will stay open for another summer.

"Well I'm going to have to put off retiring for a few more years, "Natalie Stephenson, Camp Kiwanis' Director joked, "I know the girls and the leaders in this area were excited." 

Last summer was expected to be the final year for resident camps at Kiwanis, as the Girls Scouts renovate other camps for summer use. The master plan includes an overhaul of Camp Rio Blanco, east of Crosbyton, into a premier camp facility.

Those renovations will take longer than expected, which means Kiwanis will stay open for a few more summers. The news came in late February from the area Girl Scouts' Board of Directors.

Registration for summer camp at Kiwanis kicked off April 1st, and spots are filling up fast.

"It has been crazy. We've been blown away. We're close to seventy percent filled for this summer at Camp Kiwanis," Stephenson said. 

Looking past this upcoming summer, Stephenson says she's excited about the opportunities for Girls Scouts when the renovated camps re-open.

"No matter what camp they go to, camping will be great. I traveled when I was a young girl to other camps, and variety is the spice of life," Stephenson said. 

Whatever the future holds, this summer will be another chance to celebrate the old and prepare for new adventures at camp.

For more information about summer camp at Kiwanis, click here.

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