Busy Car Washes After The Dust Storm

AMARILLO -- Though we'd rather see more rain and no dust, days like Tuesday have come this year nonetheless, so, we have to take advantage of the less windy days to get the cars back to clean and shiny.

The folks over at Zips Car Wash take the dirt-filled afternoons in stride.

"With the dusty days, it slows us down, definitely, but as soon as the dust is out and the winds settle down we look forward to the days that come ahead and we know they're going to be some dirty cars," said Manager Aldo Bocanegra.

Just like with the post-rain and post-snow days, the influx of eager vehicle owners gets high. They do make up for any business missed when the weather is bad.

Though the winds picked up Wednesday, they were much better to deal with, even though it felt more like March rather than the last day of April, but the winter weather tends to make the cleaning need a bit more urgent.

Stan Kennedy takes his truck to the wash once every ten days, but told us that the dust comes off better.

"Well this was easier than the snow, probably, but i'd prefer the snow," said Kennedy.

He's been coming to Zips for several years now.

In addition to several different washes, they also offers detailing services as well. If you're nervous about the next dusty or rainy day coming up, there is a multi-day clean car guarantee.

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