Hometown Girl Makes Good


From Texas to Tokyo, Bushland native Libby Lane is making her mark on the fashion world.

"There's a lot of Japanese buyers that want my stuff, which is interesting, you know, to go international," Lane said of her growing handbag business. 

Lane grew up in Bushland, received formal fashion training at the Art Institue of Chicago, and then made her way to the big apple.

But Lane's big break sent her back to the High Plains.

"I decided to drop everything and I moved back home. And now I work out of an old restored bunkhouse," Lane said, "You know the nice thing is, to be out here. I take breaks, and I go outside and kind of soak in the sun or go for a walk or  you know, sometimes I work cattle and then I come back in and sew."

Lane's work space rests on a piece of her family's 3000 acre farm. Her material of choice is something near and dear to Texans: leather.

"You know, you have very durable, almost saddlebag like leather, you know, and it is, a lot of it's the same shep leather that cowboys use every day outside," Lane said of her products. 

It's that combination of her High Plains roots, with high fashion that's helping Lane make a name for herself with her line of handmade bags.

Lane has been featured in Vogue, the New York Times, and most recently Texas Monthly.

She works late nights finishing orders that stack up for her products, and it's not slowing down.

"I get store offers all the time, but I'm going slow, because I'm pretty much the only one doing it," Lane said.

That won't be the case for long. Lane says she's planning to hire some help, but she wants to stay close to her work.

"I want to keep that quality and a very close eye on each piece of leather, and have me choose it still and you know, I want to be just a much a part of it as I am today," Lane said. 

A part of this growing business and a part of the Texas Panhandle, that's taking the fashion world by storm.

If you want more information about Libby Lane Leather, click here.

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