CONSUMER WATCH: Ultra HD TV's: Worth It?

Some people just have to have the latest in television technology.

The newest TV's on the market ultra-high definition TV's or UHD TV's. They have higher screen resolution than current high def screens, and are also known as "4K" sets.

"The screens have more pixels. And what that really translates into is better picture detail. So detail is only one of a number of things that a TV has to do right. But it does mean that you can probably sit closer to a very big TV than you could to a regular 1080P TV."

Consumer Reports describes the change as incremental, not nearly as dramatic as when TV's moved from standard definition to high defintion. It may even be difficult for some viewers to detect the differences on screens smaller than a massive 84 inches.

If you are interested in the upgrade, consumer reports says it's probably best to wait. Depending on screen size, the latest uhd sets cost anywhere between $2000 to $10,000.

"We say to wait. This is an industry that tends to reward procrastinators anyway. And so we know that prices are going to fall, and so really the only people that should be considering them right now, are people who just have tons of disposable income, or those people whose TV's are broken and they want to future-proof their purchase."

Also, content that takes advantage of the new format isn't really plentiful right now but should be, by next year.

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