CONSUMER WATCH: Store Credit Cards

What shopper doesn't want to score a discount in store?

In many cases, retailers will save the best offer for last. An opportunity to save an extra 15, maybe even 20 percent at the register by signing up for a store credit card.

A recent survey by found that consumers may save on purchases in that moment, but pay for them down the line. The survey looked at the fine print on cards from 36 of the nation's largest retailers.

The average annual percentage rate or APR was 23.23 percent, about eight points higher than the average credit card.
Among those with the highest :
Jeweler zales, with a rate of up to 28.99 percent.
Office depot, 
best buy, as high as 27.99

Paying off a balance in full each month makes high interest a moot point, and incentives like store coupons and exclusive sales can be good, especially at back-to-school time, and during the holidays.

But shoppers should be mindful of how many offers they accept. According to bankrate, applications for those cards prompt inquiries on a credit report, and too many of those can put a dent in a credit score.

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