BIZ: Sprint's New Price Plan

Sprint is trying to lure customers away from other cell phone companies with beefed-up data plans for families.

A family with four phone lines would spend $160 dollars for 20 gigabytes of data.

Now they are only getting 1 gigabyte per phone.

This new plan is cheaper than its competitors:

A four line plan with 20 gigs of data would run $310 bucks a month at Verizon and AT&T and $180 dollars at T-Mobile.

Sprint is also expected to announce new individual plans this week.

The company is trying to turn its struggling business around.

It's been hemorraging money and losing customers.

And it's ranked lowest for network performance.

That's according to a new study from Rootmetrics.

So which carrier ranks first?

Verizon came in number one for reliability, speed, and data performance.

AT&T was a close second in those categories.

But those two carriers were far ahead of T-Mobile and Sprint.

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