BIZ: One-Third Don't Save For Retirement

That nest egg is looking pretty empty for lots of people, 36-percent of Americans to be exact.

 You're not alone.

A third of Americans have not saved for their golden years.

That's according to a new survey from

And 14% of those without savings are over the age of 65.

Most people cite two key reason for not saving: cost of living and day-to-day expenses.

But experts say even putting a little aside can add up over time.

If your employer offers a 401-K plan, make sure to join and contribute enough to get the employer match.

If you don't have acess to a 401-K, consider an individual retirement account, known as an IRA.

Bankrate suggests starting with  automatic monthly contributions from your checking account.

The message to start saving early does seem to be getting through to the younger generation.

The survey finds 32% of people 30 to 49 started saving for retirement in their 20s.

Compare that with 16% who began saving in their 30s.

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