Bushland Falcons Physics Zip Line Ride

PALO DURO CANYON -- Physics class just got a lot cooler, at least that was the case for several high school students on Tuesday.

A group of Juniors from Bushland High School descended into Palo Duro Canyon to see their physics calculations in action.

"It makes it a lot easier to put it in a real-life situation than just putting it on a piece of paper," said Morgan Lackey, one of the many students who rode the zip line.

More than just learning about acceleration from the text book, these Falcons took to the air over the canyon, and then sat down, pencil in hand, to understand the forces that went into the thrilling trip.

Besides riding on the zip line, there were other chances for students to learn, like using angles and distance to figure out an exact location, or computing the the shot from a ping pong ball launcher.

For the physics teachers, the experience was quite rewarding, since the students are learning in perhaps the best way possible. By actually doing what they are taught.

Bushland High Physics Teacher Amanda Martin said that seeing the students learn in this way is worth it.

"They can see that their calculations that may be boring on a worksheet are now fun because now they can determine how fast actually do go down the zip line or they can determine why one of them goes down faster than the other one," said Martin.

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