BSA Welcomes First New Year's Baby in 25 Years


The New Year a meant a new addition for the Brannon family of Amarillo.

Tamra and Chris Brannon welcomed their third daughter, Harper Claire at 1:35 am on New Year's Day. She weighed 8 pounds and 3 ounces, measuing 19 and a half inches.

It was a tight race this year, with families just down the road at Northwest Texas close behind, and this BSA baby is making a big mark.

"We've always had a really thrilling competition between the two hospitals- who will have the first baby of the New year, and BSA has always come in second, and this year for the first time in the 25 years I've done this job, we had the New Year's baby," Mary Barlow, with BSA said. 

Harper wasn't expected till Friday, but her early arrival gave mom and dad a pretty special start to 2014.

"I'm just always so glad that we always celebrate that first baby of the new year," Barlow said, "No matter where that baby is born. Because, here at BSA, as well as any hospital, it's just an exciting time when a baby comes into the world and it's healthy and mom is healthy and the family is celebrating and we get to be a part fo that celebration too."

A celebration of a new year, and of new life, as the Brannons and families across the Panhandle ring in 2014.

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