Boy Scouts Contribute More Than 1,000 Hours Of Work at Conner Park


More than 1,000 combined hours have gone into renovations at Conner Park in Canyon.

Jacob Sappington, Christian Edwards and Garrett Andrews were all working towards becoming Eagle Scouts this spring. They took on the projects at Conner Park as part of their Eagle Project.

The three boy scouts have spent months sprucing up Conner Park, and now the renovations are almost entirely complete.

Sappington worked on two Pavilions at the park, stripping them, painting and re-roofing them.

Edwards and Andrews renovated the parks' War Memorial, which the boys say had practically disappeared behind bushes.

"Before, hardly anybody knew that there was a memorial there," Edwards said.     

"I'm kind of excited that people get to come and see it," Andrews said. 

According to Brian Noel with the City of Canyon, the cost of all the work would have been nearly $20,000 without the help of these three boys.

"Without the Eagle Scouts, we probably wouldn't be able to do half the projects we do. They do a really a great job.  A great service to the City of Canyon," Noel said. 

Through this service to the city, all three boys have left a mark on Canyon but also reached a major milestone. 

"It's a big tradition in my family, and it makes me kind of proud to be an Eagle. Because I'm finally, you know, part of something," Sappington said. 

A part of something as an Eagle Scout and also part of Conner Park for years to come.

The Scouts are still taking donations to add benches to the memorial site. If you'd like to donate, you can make checks payable to the City of Canyon War Memorial and take them to City Hall.

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