Bicycle Rodeo

Cub scouts took time out of their day, to learn the rules of the road, behind their handle bars.

Pack 63 Cub Scouts from Saint Andrews took to the streets to learn about sharing the road.

"We're going to learn about, how to learn about bicycle safety. I'm thinking most about hand signals."

Share the Road President Garry Rich says, "there suppose to ride with traffic, use traffic signals, obey all the traffic laws.

Rich says it's important to teach them while their young, because it's a lifelong lesson.

"That's our main focus today, to try and instill in these young boys that safety is paramount."

The bicycle rodeo started off with some basic safety tips and rules of the road.

The boys were taught about helmet safety, as well as hand signals, and what to look out for when they're on the road.

After that the kids  got a chance to put those skills to use.

Rich also hopes the lesson will help to teach drivers to be more aware of bike riders, especiall young kids.

He says it only takes a moment of inattention to not only ruin their life, but to also take someone elses.

Rich tells us, "it's important to share the road with other people that are on the road.  Whether they're pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, anyone that happens to be on the road that's using it, just be aware.  Put your phones down.  It can wait."

The scouts in troop 63 were able to earn a belt loop after completing the safety course.

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