Behind the Scenes at the Amarillo Animal Control

AMARILLO -- While the investigation into Amarillo's Animal Control continues, they're changing the way they do things.

Animal Control was thrust into the spotlight six weeks ago following allegations of improper euthanasia practices.

Since then Interim Director Scott McDonald has been evaluating procedures and making changes.

While the director and assistant director are on administrative leave the animal control officers and rest of the staff still have a job to do.

Believe it or not, capturing animals is not their primary concern.

Public health is and catching strays is a part of that.

Animals have a minimum of five days before they're euthanized.

In the time they're at the shelter they're weighed, dipped, photographed and tagged with an i-d collar.

All of that information will be uploaded to a website where people can browse for their lost pet

Interim Director Scott McDonald says officers in the field do everything they can to locate the owners long before they're brought to the shelter.

That information includes photos of every animal taken-in.

Those photos will be uploaded to an animal control website where the public can view it.

Pet owners can search for their lost pets or people looking to adopt can see what's available.

That website should be up and running by the end of the week.

A Randall County Grand Jury could make a decision as early as next week in this case.

Director Mike McGee and Assistant Director Shannon Barlow are on leave while authorities investigate the allegations of improper euthanasia practices.

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