Bad Allergy Season Ahead


Allergy season has arrived, and experts predict the cold winter and crazy spring weather may mean this season is particularly bad for those with allergies.

"Especially with the changing of the seasons and kind of how quick it is going back and forth, a lot of people's allergies are just getting up and then with the dust storms and everything it's just a nightmare sometimes," Truett Simmons, a pharmacist with Martin Tipton Pharmacy said. 

A nightmare that will likely continue through the spring.

Dr. Constantine Saadeh says just because you've never had allergies before, doesn't mean you are in the clear this spring.

"We've seen patients in their 60s and70s develop allergies," Dr. Saadeh said.

So what should you do when the sneezing, itching and congestion starts?

"If you have symptoms like that don't ignore them. Because if you do there is a risk of infections, there's a risk of asthma," Dr. Saadeh said.

Dr. Saadeh recommends starting with over the counter options. If that doesn't help, don't wait too long to consult your doctor or visit an allergist.

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