Back to School Spending

- AMARILLO -- Despite the tax free weekend, parents are expected to spend less on back to school shopping this year.

    According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Americans will spend about $635/child.

    The NRF says overall, Americans will spend nearly $28 billion on back to school shopping.  That's down considerably from the $30 billion spent last year.

    Some of this can be attributed to last year's splurging when a record amount was spent on back to school shopping.

    The NRF says this year, parents are asking their kids to reuse some items purchased last year.

    While Americans are expected to spend about $54 less per child this year, it all depends on who you ask whether less will actually be spent.

    Parents say less.  Kids say more.

    The people we spoke with says most of their budget will be spent on clothing.

    When it comes to buying your back to school clothes and supplies during the tax free holiday, the Tax Foundation says tax free holidays aren't that helpful.

    They say it hurts buyers, retailers and the state.

    Much like the Christmas season, online shopping is becoming more popular for back to school shopping.

    The NRF says 36% of parents will comparison shop online compared to 32% last year.

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