Back to School

FRITCH --  Sanford-Fritch High School students headed back to class today.

School was closed yesterday because of the wildfire.

Teachers tell us today is all about the kids and being there for them.

"We love them.  They're like our own kids.  When they go through something like this, we feel it just like they do." 
It was a day of recovery at Sanford-Fritch High School for both students and teachers. 

"Our hearts are broken for these students and we want to be there with whatever they need."

This morning the teachrs had a faculty meeting to prepare them for the day.

The superintendent says the plan for today was to make it as relaxing as possible for the students.

Fritch ISD superintendent James McClellan says, "we do have some local clergy that have contacted us as well, we have our counselors here in the campuses, and then the Region Service Center as well."

Today was retest day for STAAR testing.

McClellan didn't think the students should have to take it right now. 

He tells us, "we have kids that have slept in our gym for two nights.  They are going to wake up this morning and have to take a star test.  We just feel that's unfortunate for them."

He contacted the TEA asking for an extension, and he tells us they said no.

But later this morning, McClellan says he contacted a legislature and commissioner and they were able to reschedule STAAR testing for next Tuesday and Wednesday.

McClellan says it may take a while for things to get back to "normal," but with all the help from the community, he's sure they'll get there.

He says, "the school speaks for itself ,as does this community. You've seen the outpouring of the community pride here.  Man, I love that. I respect that.  You know, I don't think there's anything else we can ask for."

A group of teachers at Sanford-Fritch are collecting items they think students will need that lost their homes in the wildfire.

McClellan tells us other schools are also collecting money to help the kids as well.

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