Area Superintendents Sound-Off on "Empower Texans"

They are called "Empower Texans," but two area superintendents said the political action committee is doing the complete opposite, especially when it comes to statewide public education. 

School vouchers were one of the many hot-button issues during the past legislative session, and although the session is over, the conversation continues.

"They do want to set up a voucher system, a tax credit system for parents whose kids go to private school," said Robert McLain, Channing ISD Superintendent. "I feel like Empower Texans is attacking public schools in that way."  

McLain said he does not think any public school superintendent in the State of Texas is happy with Empower Texas. 

"Every single aspect of public education has to go to this very simple premise that the kids need to be advanced academically," said Michael Sullivan, President of Empower Texans. "That's what the entire focus of public education should be about. It shouldn't be about football stadiums, it shouldn't be about buildings, it shouldn't be about contractors, it should be about educating kids."

Opponents say the mission the PAC is trying to achieve is not just an area problem, but a statewide concern. 

"Groups like Empower Texans and any group that's a pro-voucher group is going to affect all schools, not just rural schools," said Steve Post, Tuila ISD Superintendent. 

Both superintendents and those against the PAC say they plan to fight them the best way they know how, with their voice and with their vote.

McLain said he hopes to make some changes next March when he votes in the Republican Primary.

Tulia's Superintendent said the pro-voucher movement may not affect them as much as it might affect Amarillo ISD because there is not a private school in Tulia.   

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