Area Sheriff Resigns

An area sheriff resigns as part of a plea deal from a case in 2013.

Jerry Don Allen has also permanently surrendered his license as a peace officer.

Because of that, e will never be allowed to act as a peace officer in the state of Texas. 

Allen faced misdemeanor charges in late 2013 after he hired a family member.

46th Judicial District Attorney J. Staley Heatly says, "Sheriff Allen had hired his stepdaughter to work at the Collingsworth County Sheriff's Department.  Nepotism is against the law in the state of Texas.  It falls under official misconduct whichis a special misdemeanor. "

The former sheriff took office in January, 2013 and hired his stepdaughter to work for him a few months later.

Heatly says allen knew what he was doing was against state law, yet his stepdaughter continued to work for him.

After the Texas Rangers launched an investigation, Allen was indicted by a Collingsworth County Grand Jury.

One of the indictments was for official conduct related to the nepotism.

Heatly tells us, "the other one for abuse of official capacity, which was basically the same underlying charge that the official misconduct, but includes an element that there was a benefit received."

After the indictments, officials offered a plea deal.

One of the terms was for Allen to resign his post at the end of January.  

Another was for Allen to surrender his peace officer license, which he did a few days ago.

The charges against the former sheriff were then dismissed.

Heatly says the Collingsworth County Sheriff's position is currently open.

He says the county's commission has the ability to appoint somebody to fill the spot until an election can be held. 

Heatly tells us the district attorney in the 100th judicial district, Luke Inman, recused himself from the case.

Inman lives in Collingsworth County and thought there could have been a potential conflict of interest.

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