Area Post Office May be Closing

An area post office may be closing it's doors.

The post office in Waka has been open for more than a century, but this week asign went up saying it will be closing its doors this weekend.

It looks like just an 8 x 10 piece of paper, but it has a lot to say.

We headed to Waka to see for ourselves..

The sign says, "this contract unit will be closed effective march 29th."

In small print at the bottom, the note lists two other post offices that will be handling waka's mail once it's closed.

One is in Farnsworth and the other is in Perryton. 

We tried to contact both offices, but neither would comment on the potential closure.

As for state postal officials, we called offices in Lubbock and Austin.

An official out of Austin says he's not familiar enough with the situation to comment, but would be gathering information to get to us as soon as he can.

We caught up with a Waka resident who says he's been using that post office his entire life, and wants answers. 

Michael Ladd says, "I asked where we go on monday to get our mail. What happens monday to our mail, they had no idea and nothing to provide for us.
When you lose your post office you have no more identity as a community, I mean that's it.  "

Ladd says if the post office closes there will be no postal workers delivering mail in the city.

That means residents will have no way to get their mail, other than  driving to other post offices to pick it up.

Ladd says because the post office is losing so much money, he understands the risk that small town offices could be closing.

But he says he expected more than a five day notice.

The post office in Waka has been up and running since 1901.

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