Area Farmers Give Shoppers A Big Surprise


Randall County farmers and ranchers gave shoppers a big surprise at United in Canyon to promote Texas Food Connection Week.

Members of the Texas Farm Bureau Randall County Board bought groceries for unsuspecting customers.

The statewide initiative, sponsored by Texas Farm Bureau, kicked off Monday. Farmers and ranchers around the state spend the week reaching out to consumers to talk with them about food and ag issues. According to Texas Farm Bureau, the week was originally established to connect farmers and their customers to talk about affordability, nutrition, food safety, animal welfare, profits and production.

"95% of all farms are family owned and operated. And you know, there's a lot of men and women that work hard to ensure that our food supply is abundant and safe," David Winters, President of the Texas Farm Bureau Randall County Board said.

According to David Winters, President of the Randall County Board for Texas Farm Bureau, they spent around $550 on groceries throughout the morning.

For more information on Food Connection Week, click here.

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