ARC Conflict

        The proposed Amarillo Recreation Complex known as "ARC" may have some competition.

        There's concern there may be a conflict of interest with the city backing the ARC and the proposed multi-purpose event center planned for downtown.

        As we first reported last week, the ARC would include multi-use sports fields and courts.  The downtown event center would include a professional baseball field and be used as an outdoor concert venue.

        Organizers would tell you there is no conflict of interest.  Much the same way the city funds different parks
        They say the need is there and now is the time to do it.

        The Amarillo Recreation Complex will be partially funded by private donations.  They hope to get about $6 million.  The rest, around $30 million would come from the taxpayers.
        Amarillo National Bank Vice President William Ware says some of the groups involved in the project are competitors.  Like YMCA and Kids, Inc. But, they're putting that aside to make this happen.

        Ware says the new complex will give the different youth sports groups one stop shopping for tournaments and actually attract more tournaments here.

        Ware and the group heading up the project, the Amarillo Area Foundation, hope to present their proposal to the city commission August 13th.

        That won't leave a lot of time to get it on the November ballot.

        The city secretary says August 20th is the deadline.

        If it does make the November ballot and voters approve it, organizers hope to begin construction on the "ARC" within a year.

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