APD Officers Participating in No Shave November

AMARILLO - The next time you see an Amarillo Police officer, you may notice something different.

Several of them are taking part in No Shave November.

"It is an exciting new thing for us to be able to get to try out but the public doesn't really seem to notice much," said Corporal Darrell Roberts.
This is something different for APD.

They usually have a strict grooming policy but for this month, officers were able to donate money to their benefit fund and grow out their beard.

"We had 153 officers participate in this and that brought our donations up to $7,650," said Corporal Rafael Quiles.

Officer Ricky Matthews says it is something fun for the officers to do and will also help family members and fellow officers.

"It raises morale it is a little cookie that we get, guys want relaxed shave standards and this gives us the chance to do it."

"When we donate our benefit fund is paid towards some cancer issues with some police officers so it is effective in that manner and we are all aware of it," added Officer Matthews.

It is also making getting ready for work a little easier.

"It is a lot easier in the mornings, we are not having to spend so much time before you come to work actually shaving," said Corporal Zach Charter.

More than a 150 officers in total are taking part in No Shave November.

Each had to donate $50 to participate.

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