An Inside Look at The Littlefield Prison That Could House Illegal Immigrants

- LUBBOCK,TX-- On Thursday, City of Littlefield officials opened the doors of the Bill Clayton Detention Center for an on-camera tour. 
The facility was abandoned in 2009 when GEO, the former jail management company, left the facility.

The city has paid more than $800,000 a year to maintain the facility to keep it ready for another group.

“We continued to maintain the facility,” City Manager Mike Arismendez said, “ We go through it make sure everything’s working - simply because of the fact that at any point in time when we are able to obtain a contract we know that we can open the facility up immediately.”
The facility is clean and air-conditioned. GEO left almost every piece of needed jail equipment when they left. That includes a full storage room of uniforms, kitchen equipment, office desks and chairs, all lock mechanisms and old computers. 
The city has maintained the pre-existing elements and has also installed new security cameras. 
It could be used in the near future if a possible deal between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the City of Littlefield goes through. The proposed deal would allow ICE to house Illegal Immigrants in the former detention center. 
Arismendez said that it would require some retrofitting to make it less of a jail and more of a holding site, but estimates it would only take 30 days to have it up and running.

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