Amarilloans Seek Answer About Affordable Care Act


Experts fielded question after question as Amarilloans spent Thursday trying to get answers about the Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare professionals, insurance companies, legislators and community members all gathered at the Civic Center to find out what the ACA means for them.

"It's a very complex matter right now. I think there are a little more questions than answers," Representative Four Price, (R) District 87 said. 

Industry experts did their best to answer those questions, but some were left open ended.

However, many, like Texas Hospital Association Senior Vice President John Hawkins remained optimistic.

"We know this is not a perfect piece of legislation. They rarely are.Butt it is important for, as a country, for us to continue to look at the sustainability of the healthcare system, the cost, and certainly, healthcare coverage is better than folks not having coverage," Hawkins said. 

Our homepage has a helpful tool with more information about the steps you need to take, and it helps answer some questions like how to get coverage and what your costs would be.

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