Amarillo YMCA Pools Closed

YMCA members looking to swim at two of the three branches here in Amarillo will need to go elsewhere, at least for now.

The pools at the YMCA North branch and the Midtown branch are currently closed, and CEO Cindy Platt says only one of them will be reopening.

She tells us, "we have been in partnership with the Amarillo Area Foundation and the United Way to look at how best to improve the Y's fiscal stability."

According to Platt, operating a single pool would be in the best financial interest for the YMCA.

The doors at the Midtown branch will permanently be closed.

"The strategic plan for this particular space is that it be redesigned to expand our childcare services," says Platt.

As for the North branch..

"The North pool, we are hoping to get it repaired.  There are some board criteria to reopen it.  And we're hoping to find some support to continue aquatics based out of our north branch," says Platt.

The YMCA has been serving our community for 75 years.

So, why the change at the Y?

According to Platt, it's a necessary move to see another 75 years.

"I would join with them in empathizing in the loss of the YMCA's ability to support this pool and hope that they would rally around having aquatics at the YMCA  and also hope that they would rally around the YMCA in general and what we're trying to do for the community and especially for working families by expanding our after school program. "

Platt tells us anyone who has prepaid for aquatics or anything having to do with the pool should call their branch if they're interested in getting a refund.

She says the goal of the Y is to provide and serve the community, and they of course want to be fair.

She says the Midtown branch currently serves about 125 kids.

She hopes by using the pool space, it will help them to double that number.

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